383 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY

Project Description

Emtec Consulting Engineers was the MEP/FP engineer for the renovation and small addition to an existing building located at 383 Channel Dr, Port Washington, NY. The building is being converted into multiple studios (6), support areas, storage and ancillary space. The building consists of a total of approximately 120,350 sq. ft. Emtec provided complete design documents for the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm systems for the sound stages, as well as the fit out of the office and wardrobe space.


BLD Architecture


Commercial/Corporate, Industrial




HVAC Systems, Exhaust Systems, HVAC Controls, Ductwork Distribution System, Comcheck, Post Smoke Control Fans

Sub-Metering, Panel Board Layout, Design of Feeders, Circuiting of Exterior Lighting, Lighting & Switch Controls, Branch Circuiting, Energy Calculations, Exit Lighting

RPZ Design, Domestic Hot Water Heaters, Gas Fuel Piping, Interior Roof Drains, Plumbing Calculations, Riser Diagram, Water & Waste Piping, Design of Plumbing Equipment

Sprinkler System Layout

Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection Systems